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Our Rock-N-Barbers and Stylists are highly trained, experienced, and will provide you with the exact service you desire, whether it's a precision scissor cut with all the extras, or just a simple cut with nothing fancy, We have got you covered!


We are also Masters at Grooming the Face:

Beard Trims and Professional Shaves are our Signature Service!


Our Relaxing Shave is a treat to any man and a great gift idea! Half an hour of hot towels, hot lather, a baby smooth, glowing face!


Man Getting a Haircut

Mens Cut $22

Fade/Precision Style $25

Buzz Cut $19

Boys 10 & Under $20

Womens, $28 & up​​

Barber Shop
Beards & Shaves

Beards $7 & up


Hot Lather Shave $32

Head Shave $32

Long Lashes

Eyebrows $12

Hair Model
Color Services

Men's Grey Coverage 


Women's Color/Highlights ..Please Call or Book a Consultation Online!

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