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Barbershop Marshall VA

The Background Story

Rock-N-Barbers is a Modern Barber Shop in Marshall Virginia focusing on high quality service. The Barbershop specializes in Haircuts, Shaves, and Beard Trims for Men, as well as cuts for Women and Children. The shop is very modern, has a rock theme with classic rock on the radio; sports, news, or cartoons on the televisions; as well as complimentary beverages.


Rock-N-Barbers was founded in December 2013 by Kristy Haase.  Kristy was licensed in 2001 in Ohio and relocated to DC in 2008. She worked several years for a high-end Mens Barbershop and Spa in DC, where she became a Master Barber specializing in Mens Haircuts, Shaves, and Beard Trims. Kristy's dream was to bring her experience and services to a small town in need of a great barbershop! A year after her move to rural VA, her dream was born, with the opening of Rock-N-Barbers!

Business Hours:


Monday:         9 am - 6 pm

Tuesday:         9 am - 7 pm

Wednesday:     9 am - 7 pm

Thursday:        9 am - 7 pm

Friday :           9 am -  6 pm

Saturday:        9 am -  4 pm

Sunday:          10 am - 4 pm


Monday:        10 am - 6:30 pm

Thursday:       1 am - 7 pm

Friday:           10 am 6:30 pm

Every Other Weekend:

Saturday:        10 am - 4 pm

 Sunday 10Am-4pm


Why Choose Rock-N-Barbers?

!) Haircuts! It is ALL we do, so we are REALLY GOOD at it!!


2) Experienced Stylists! Kristy 21 years, Kaleigh 15 Years, Sam 9 years and we also now have 2 Great Apprentices!

3) Atmosphere! Who doesn't love some good rock-n-roll in a fun professional environment!


4) We are affordable, convenient and local. We know and remember our clients, and we love adding new friends to the Rock-N-Barbers Family!


5) We love kids, so we are a great choice for the whole family, and the kids love us! Well we think they do, but theres a good chance its really the cartoons, stickers, hot chocolate and lollipops!


6) Beard Trims and Shaves! Once you have one done here, you wont EVER want to do it your self again!!


7) Because we are hairstylists who barber, we arent that typical barber who knows 3 shades of short, we can do it all, fades, business cuts, women's, kids, trendy cuts, flat tops, you name it, we do it!!


8) The little extras! We always include a shave for the back of the neck; Hot lather and a straight razor. Shampoos are no extra charge! And we have hot towels to wipe your face before you go!!

© Rock-N-Barbers est. 2014

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