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Employee's Schedules

   These schedules may slightly change occasionally.

   Our weekly schedules are ALWAYS up to date for our online booking system, so this is the best way to book with us, if you're looking for a particular person.

   We try to maintain the same work schedules, but sometimes have to make changes, to cover all of the open hours.


We are going to begin posting the hours weekly on Facebook as well!

Kaleigh: Cosmetologist

Tuesday 9a-7p

Wednesday 10a-6p

Thursday 9a-7p

Friday 9a-5p

Saturday 9a-5p (every other)

Sunday 10a-4p (every other)

Haircut & Beard Specialist

Monday: 9am-6pm

Tuesday: 2-7pm

Wednesday: 9-2

Thursday: off

Friday: 9-6

Saturday: varies

Sunday:  10-4 (every other)

Feel free to text me for an appointment


Heading 1

Massage Therapist

Wednesday: 10-7

Thursday: 10-7

Friday: 10-6

Saturday: 9-4

Sunday: 10-4 (every other)

Sam: Mens Hair Specialist

Monday 9a-5p

Tuesday OFF

Wednesday 9a-7p

Thursday OFF / 9a-6p

Friday 9a-6p

Saturday 9-4

Sunday OFF 

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